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Your Cleanup

There is an Australian Marine Debris Initiative coordinated by Tangaroa Blue. We want your cleanup to add to this important national database so we have partnered with them to make sure it does.

There are three important steps to get the most out of your cleanup:

1. Plan and Prepare

Tangaroa Blue have made some excellent videos to help as you prepare your class or group for a successful cleanup. It means thinking about equipment and safety. Involving students in the planning and preparation also presents plenty of opportunities for learning.

Go to Plan and Prepare >>

2. Submit Data

We also call it dumping your rubbish! To get the most out of your data we will use the Tangaroa Blue printable data form. Once you’ve collected your rubbish, sorted it, counted it and entered it into the paper form it’s time to dump it on us. Use our online dump first and then head over to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative and dump it there too.

Printable Data Form >>

Coast Watchers Rubbish Dump >>

3. Rubbish Dump

Who found what and where did they find it? If you dump your rubbish on us it will appear as a report at the Rubbish Dump. You can see how other schools went on their cleanup too and check out the Coast Watchers grand total.

Go to the Rubbish Dump >>