Cleanup Report

I certainly never imagined myself going on an excursion to pick up rubbish. No. It was definitely a new experience for me, and, while some parts of the Coast Watchers beach clean-up didn’t make me smile, it was a great experience. After a hot and tiring recess running around, I came into the class room and we were told to sit down and wait for the arrival of Andrew Hughes. He gave us a little information on the whole Coast Watchers program and an explanation of what we were doing along with a short but informative safety briefing. Then we set off. It was 11.45 and the day was getting hotter, but our curious young souls were eager to get down there and get started. When we got there it was hard to find any rubbish but our eyes soon adjusted to ‘see tiny bits of rubbish among sand’ mode and before long we were racing all over the beach. Other beach users looked a little confused – and I guess there was reason for that, what with 30 kids and some adults racing around with gloves and tongs and garbage bags. If you asked one of us the type of rubbish we found most, we would probably say bits of glass and ceramics... and lots of ciggy butts.

Name of School / class group: Albuera Street Primary 5/6's
Location of cleanup:Marieville Esplanade
Glass: 670
Cloth: 35
Metal: 34
Paper & Cardboard: 27
Rubber: 9
Wood: 18
Other: 0
Total: 1422