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Blackmans Bay grade 5/6s

Location: Blackmans Bay Beach   Items Found: 1445
We had two classes who walked down to the beach near our school. The grade 6's started and one end and the grade 5's at the other. It's a long beach with houses and roads behind it. The most common rubbish type was plastic by a long way with cigarette butts one of the most common items. The beach is surrounded by houses and parks so a lot of the rubbish was probably escaping from bins or washing down stormwater drains. It was good to grab it before it made it's way into the water and out to sea!
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Albuera Street Primary 5/6's

Location: Marieville Esplanade   Items Found: 1422
I certainly never imagined myself going on an excursion to pick up rubbish. No. It was definitely a new experience for me, and, while some parts of the Coast Watchers beach clean-up didn’t make me smile, it was a great experience. After a hot and tiring recess running around, I came into the class room and we were told to sit down and wait for the arrival of Andrew Hughes. He gave us a little information on the whole Coast Watchers program and an explanation of what we were doing along with a ....
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Albuera Street Primary

Location: Marieville Esplanade   Items Found: 618
Albuera Street Primary classes 45W, 34B & 34O on 7/3/18 cleaned up the shoreline at Short Beach (Marieville Esp.) along to the rowing club. Rubbish was found in every category. Cigarette butts, broken glass and broken bricks were the majority finds.
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